The Importance of Security

October 3rd, 2017

Security isn’t just a physical presence anymore in order for an individual or business to remain safe they will need virtual security to protect their systems. As data once fallen into the wrong hands can become extremely damaging. From a business’s point of view, it is more important than ever to be able to keep your data secure. Not only are you responsible for your own data but the data of clients and employee’s.

Cyber security is important to understand as it can often be the difference between a data breach and not. Which in turn is the difference between damage to the business and not, with both financial and reputational damage at risk.

Cyber security is not normally high on the list of considerations for a business when they are looking at their risks. A lot of business’s over look cyber security as it has never previously been an issue. This is where they can be caught out. A business is more at risk in today’s world than ever before especially online. Now people are able to break into a network steal data and use it fraudulently without getting out of bed. The best ways for a business to protect themselves would be to employ a cyber security specialist but that would be unrealistic. So, we have put together a list of aspects to check in order to improve your online security. It also happens that Cyber insurers consider these aspects when calculating a premium.


Passwords; Are your passwords changed regularly? Are the passwords considered strong?

Restricted access; Do people only have access the data they need to complete their work?

Closed network; Can you only access the network from a certain location on a certain device or can you access the network anywhere?

Cloud usage; If you use a cloud server to store data what software protection does it have? and is the server private or shared?

Data relevance; Is the data that you store still useful? Do you delete data that you are no longer required to keep?

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