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    Our systems are secure!


    An employee of a business was driving to work, when he stopped at a junction. A thief reached through an open window and stole his briefcase, which contained a hard-drive with a database of 250 client details including private information such as dates of birth and passport details. The hard-drive was password protected but was unencrypted. The business owner voluntarily notified the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) of the breach.

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    We dont need cyber insurance!

    MNH Platinum, a vehicle hire company, when they became the victim of a virus which encrypted over 12,000 files on its company network. A ransom demand followed

    – the criminals would decrypt the company’s files in exchange for more than £3,000.


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    We outsource our data storage!

    The likes of major retailers do the same and thought that it was the solution to their data liabilities, however when Oracle got hacked it meant that over 330,000 websites were in trouble including some of the biggest names on the planet, for example, Gucci, Hugo Boss, Burger king, Adidas, and Selfridges.

    Real life examples

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    Help yourselves

    Have you considered the steps you can take to prevent a breach from occurring? Take a look at the steps you can take not only to reduce the risk of a breach but to also help reduce the size of your premium. using our cyber checklist you can improve the safety of your data and means you can rest easier at night.

    Cyber Checklist