Advantages of Cyber Insurance

May 31st, 2017

All we seem to see lately are doom and gloom messages about cyber security and high profile businesses/ organisations that have been attacked. But what goes under the radar are the number of small businesses that get affected by this as well. Instead of focusing on the negatives, we feel that it is important that businesses understand the benefits of having cyber insurance.


Cyber risk insurance is a form of protection for your business. It is there to ensure that your business survives. Think of it like a fire extinguisher, you hardly notice that you have them until you need them and then they can be the difference between a near miss and a catastrophe.

Cyber risk insurance is more than just financial protection many insurers that we deal with want to help you keep your businesses safe and as a result want you to know how best to do that. They can offer support and guidance to create contingency plans as well as guidance on the best defences for your business. Insurers will also provide access to some of the best forensic investigators to ensure that should you be attacked they find out how and this will mean that you can put it right for next time.

We also have an association with a leading cyber risk analysts that can help you to gain access to their system in order for you to limit you cyber exposures and protect your business better. Our association with Apomatix, allows you easy access to their cyber platform and their team will be able to point you in the right direction in terms allowing you to develop better more effective cyber security for your business.

With cyber risk insurance, you may also be able to protect your digital assets such as your client database and specialist software’s that are specific to your business. Your cyber insurance can cover your digital assets from damage, loss, and theft, this will mean that any costs incurred recovering your digital assets can be covered by your policy.

Cyber risk insurance isn’t all doom and gloom it has its benefits and means that your business can operate safely in the comfort knowing that all your files and software is protected and you have access to some of the best forensic teams if something does go wrong. This along with the given ability to help yourself protect the business can only mean that your business has the best opportunity to fend off most of its cyber-attacks.



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